MASSAGE CANDLE with bewitching scent

$54.90 $32.95

100% plant based candle with natural oils designed to perfume your room then, as it melts, transforms into a warm, rich body oil, perfect for a sensual massage.

  • Regenerates and softens with sesame oil and coconut oil
  • Won’t leave a greasy layer on your skin, or stain clothing and sheets
  • Melted wax that never scolds but always warm
  • A ceramic pot with a pouring spout for easy application and a protective lid
  • An enchanting perfume, divine & floral with a hint of white tea, Bali flower & Thanaka wood
  • 20 -25 massages
  • Dermatologically tested

Discover a world of new sensations together.

120g / 4.25oz
Made in France