Why Have Only One Honeymoon??? – INSPIRATION 5

Inspiration No. 5 Why be content with one honeymoon? Book some days at a place you both like. Inspiration no. 5 takes me back to my good friend Mr Google, travel guides, romantic getaways? Trying hard to think outside the box. I stumble across a new word.  Ready for it “sexcation”.  I love it! ‘Sexcaction” […]

What’s all the Hype About Massage Candles?

Massage candles are very fashionable these days and it’s easy to understand why: sensuality, letting go, awakening the senses, moisturising properties, massage candles have a lot of great things going for them. Still, it’s important to use the right ingredients and not get carried away! Erotic cosmetic brands have the choice of 2 types of […]

Spice up Your Love Life before Valentine’s Day – INSPIRATION 4

INSPIRATION NO. 4 BUY THE MOST UNEXPECTED SEXY COSTUME FOR TONIGHT AND WEAR IT WHEN YOUR PARTNER COMES HOME. BUT PSST DON’T SAY A WORD. SEXY costume?? I grab a coffee & begin my search…. scrolling, scrolling, no, nope, yuk, aww too sexy, is there such a thing as too sexy? Another question, do I […]

Improve Your Relationship before Valentine’s Day! INSPIRATION 3

Change your cotton sheets for silk! Change your white sheets for red! How does it feel? On her hands & knees & naked as the day she was born, Beatrice’s fingers fluttered amid the tousled red silk sheets……Sentences like these have filled romance novels for years, evoking thoughts of love, passion & romance. Why? Red […]

Improving your Relationship Before Valentine’s Day – INSPIRATION 2

YOUR TASK BEFORE GOING TO BED: Arrange some flowers in front of the mirror and leave a lovely message on the mirror. Flowers – for all the loveliness that they do for your body and soul Clear the bills, magazines, newsletters cluttering up the hallway stand & add a touch of beauty with flowers, makes […]

Improve Your Relationship Before Valentine’s Day! INSPIRATION 1

BEFORE YOU COME HOME TONIGHT, DON’T FORGET THE CHAMPAGNE. WHAT DO YOU CELEBRATE?  LIFE! Champagne ……. who doesn’t love a nice cold glass of bubbles😊.  Why wait for a special occasion to celebrate with champagne. For the creative romantic, create an evening picnic. First things first… turn all media off! Grab a blanket, create a […]