Massage candles are very fashionable these days and it’s easy to understand why: sensuality, letting go, awakening the senses, moisturising properties, massage candles have a lot of great things going for them.

Still, it’s important to use the right ingredients and not get carried away! Erotic cosmetic brands have the choice of 2 types of wax for sensual massage candles: mineral wax and vegetable wax.

A little explanation: Mineral wax is actually paraffin, a petrochemical derivative. Does the body absorb or inhale any chemical components or chemical disruptors from the wax applied during massaging or when the candle is lit?

NO WAY with YESforLOV! We are guided by our eco-sex approach and only offer the highest quality formulas that are kind to your mucous membranes. YESforLOV uses a vegetable wax, a 100% natural and ecological soya wax that we enrich with sesame and coconut oils for their softening properties.

Respect for the body and our massage candles’ moisturising properties make them an excellent cosmetics product for all lovers. And I am very proud of them! How do I imagine an evening between lovers ?

In an enveloping, intimate setting, subdued lights, a YESforLOV scented candle… Let the flickering candlelight and our fragrance intoxicate you little by little.

Wait a few minutes (about 10 to 15 minutes) for the wax to melt. Blow out the candle and double check the temperature. Then use the wax to give one another the most luxurious, breath-taking, unforgettable massage. Guaranteed to bring you closer together.